The Table Component allows to iterate over list of data (arrays, lists etc) and it is also possible to filter, sort and group the data. Each table column is a Text Component and provides exactly the same formatting options.

In the editor view, the Table Component only displays a single data row. The first row acts as a header and the second row is used as a template to render each row in the data set. All other rows are treated as summary rows and rendered after the data rows.

Expression Language Usage

JSON Code Used
        "id": 105,
        "email": "",
        "order_number": 105,
        "date_us": "16/09/2019",
        "date": "16.09.2019",
        "line_items": [
                "name": "Item number 1",
                "price": "4,080.00",
                "total": "8,160.00",
                "quantity": 2
                "name": "Item number 2",
                "price": "2,060.00",
                "total": "2,060.00",
                "quantity": 1

For more information about Grouping option, please, see this article.
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