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Text Component

The Text Component allows to display different string values, but also supports Number and Date formatting. This means that every user can easily format values in the editor and you don't need to pre-formatting them on your side.

Date Formatting

When using the T separator in a date format you need to escape it the "T"

Text component

Editable PDF fields

Expanded text editor

It is possible to expand the editable area for Text component, so you can easily edit large text content. You can expand the text editor from the component's context menu or from the Formatting tab.

Newspaper columns

It is possible to split text content in the Text Component into columns. You can specify the number of columns using the Columns selection in the Formatting tab. All page breaks and overflows are handled automatically so you can easily split dynamic content into columns. NB! In the editor view, you will see a single column and content is split into multiple columns once the output (PDF or preview) is rendered.

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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