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How to copy a template from one workspace to another?

There are two options to copy a template from one workspace to another.

1. Copy option using Export/Import

Open the template, which you need to copy, in the editor and select File > Export
Open the editor from a workspace where you want to use the template for an user with Admin panel view
Use File > Import to import template

First option can be also used to copy the example documents from our website, which you can find here

2. Copy option from Admin Panel

In the Admin Panel search for the workspace where you want to copy the template to
Copy-paste the ID of the workspace (numeric value in the first column)
1.&2. step
Search for the workspace that has the template
3. step
Click on the workspace (from the 3. step) and then click on the template you want to copy
Click on the Template which you want to copy
Paste the workspace ID (from the 2. step) to the input below the "Copy template" title
Paste the workspace from the 2. step

Updated on: 04/09/2021

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