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How to set up row numbering?

1. Approach with the {row_index} option

{row_index} is our native functionality that can be used in a Container or a Table if you want to retrieve the row index/number from your array.


This is how it looks in the final PDF:

The {row_index} functionality can be also used in the Conditional formatting as an expression for the condition. Perfect example is setting up "Alternate rows" in the Container component.

2. Approach with the "Auto-increment" option

Auto-increment allows a unique number to be generated automatically when a new record is added from an array.
It is usually used when you want to add a "Row number" to each of the items listed in your Invoice or Order.

Guideline for setting up the Row Number with your array using Auto inc. functionality

Firstly you need to place a Container/Table Component that will represent specific array. Then you will place a Text Component which is going to be auto-incremented in every new iteration inside that Container/Table Component like it is displayed in the picture below.

Now you will switch to Formatting of the Text Component by left-clicking on the Text Component so that you should be able to set the auto-increment.
1. step is to change the type to NUMBER, otherwise it will not work.
2. step is to select AUTO INC. which will automatically increase the value by selected number (usually "1").
3. step is to set a RAW VALUE which presents the first record that you want to start with (usually "1").

Updated on: 05/03/2023

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