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Is it possible to conditionally hide a page in the document?

It is possible to conditionally hide a page inside of your document. If you right-click on your actual page, you can use conditional formatting functionality.

Editor Option

Here, you can see the option "Hide page if matches a condition" and set the condition to determinate when the page should be hidden.

Conditional Formatting Sidebar

General Usecase of Conditional formatting

You can also select "Expression" in the Conditional formatting view and add expression which applies the formatting or hides the component when the expression is true

Usecase of the Expression language in Conditional formatting
You can write empty({dataFieldName}) && empty({dataFieldName2}) which would hide the component if {dataFieldName} and {dataFieldName2} are empty. You can find more examples about expression language here.

It is also possible to conditionally hide and change the style of the component. Please, follow our article here.

Updated on: 28/02/2021

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