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Release Notes 2.40.0 (01.07.2019)


Conditionally hidden components

Until now when a component was hidden using the "Conditional formatting" option, then component was not rendered, but there was still a blank area where the component originally was. We have improved the rendering logic and all components below the hidden component are moved up to remove the blank areas left by hidden components.

Conditional formatting to hide a component

Rendered output with a hidden component

Delete workspaces from Admin panel and via API

It is now possible to delete regular workspaces from the Admin panel and also via API. Please see the Delete workspace API documentation here.

Bug fixes

Fixed the overflow/text wrap issues in HTML output
Fixed the table column vertical-align issues in editor and HTML output
Fixed the table and container grouping, sorting and filtering issue when using a sub data field
Fixed the image automatic page change issue
Fixed checkbox rendering

Updated on: 13/10/2020

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