Improved performance for multi-page templates
Until now it was excruciating to move components around on a template if you had 5+ pages as it took a lot of time before the component was actually selected and moved. We have refactored a large part of the editor to speed up the component selection and move actions when you have thousands of components on the page.

Finding "out of the page" components
Sometimes components end up outside of the page and produce invalid renderings in PDF documents. You can now see from the View > Component list if the component is out of the page by searching a string Out of the page. The component will be opened in the editor view when you double click on the component in the Component list view.

Finding "Out of the page" components

Export unsaved templates
It is now possible also to export (File > Export) unsaved templates that. Previously you would need to save the template before you were able to export it.

New font
We have added a new font called Oswald.

New Dashboard Layout
The Dashboard has a new layout and now displays data for the last four months instead of for the entire previous year.

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