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Release Notes 2.44.0 (25.09.2019)


PDF 1.7 and PDF/A-3b standard

We have upgraded our PDF generator and all generated documents now follow the PDF/A-3b standard (ISO 19005-3). Documents also pass the industry standard verdaPDF validation tools and tests.

If the Font subsetting is enabled the PDF is generated as standard PDF 1.7 (ISO 32000-1:2008) and is not a valid PDF/A-3b

Nested Container components

It is now possible to nest container into each other to create deeply nested lists and content blocks. Just drag one Container to another and you are good to go! This improvement enables you to implement even more complex templates than before. We worked on this for a long time and we are very happy to finally ship it to production.

Editor localization

It is now possible to change the language for the editor user interface. You can specify the editor default language in your Account Settings and you can now also add the language parameter to the Open Editor endpoint so you can dynamically change the editor language for your users.

Current supported languages
English: en (default)
Estonian: et
Slovak: sk
Czech: cs
Russian: ru

Please let us know if you need any specific language support :)

Collect all unique Data Fields from array items

At the moment the editor allowed to search for Data Fields which were present in the first item of the array. We have updated the editor logic and now the editor collects all unique Data Fields across all rows in the array. This means that you can now find Data Fields which are present only in some of the array items.

New fonts

We have added two new fonts Source Han Serif (CN) and Source Han Sans (CN) to improve the support of Japanese and Simplified Chinese characters.

Updated on: 13/10/2020

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