Conditionally hide components
Until now the "Conditional formatting" option was only available for the Text component, but finally, you can find the "Conditional formatting" option from the context menu of almost all components (except Header and Footer).

The Table component is a bit different as the Table is already automatically hidden if there is no data available to render the component.

Font subsetting option
It is now possible to enable the "Font subsetting" from the Template settings (File > Template settings) to reduce the generated PDF size. When the "Font subsetting" is enabled, the PDF includes only those font characters which are actually used in the document, but it will also increase the generation time and the generated PDF is not following the PDF\A-1b standard.

Bug fixes
Fixed rendering for <sup> and <sub> tags in PDF
Fixed rendering for <form> tag in PDF
Fixed JSON parsing for cases when the BOM or CTRL character is malformed
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