Advanced tab in sidebar
We have introduced a new tab in the right hand sidebar - Advanced. This tab will contain more technical properties and features like Unique identifier and PDF Options.

Unique identifier for each Component
Until now, it was not very complicated to find a specific component from the template definition or update a particular element via API. It is now possible to assign a unique identifier to each of your components to accurately identify the correct component. The unique identifier is also returned in the Get Template API response. You can find the Unique identifier property from the Advanced tab.

Component's unique identifier (Advanced tab)

Editable Radio Component
Radio components with the same unique identifier value are now grouped, and you can use the Render as an editable Field option properly to create editable radio button lists in PDF.

Editable radio group

Font preview
The Font menu now shows the preview of the font style to make the font selection easier.

Font preview

User interface upgrade to VueJS
We rewrote most of the editor's user interface using VueJS which provides better performance and will allow us to build new UI features easier.
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