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Release Notes 2.152.0 (29.11.2023)


Roles and Permissions

We are introducing new Roles and Permissions logic in the Customer Portal that gives more control over what different Team Members can do in the Customer Portal.

In the first version, we are introducing three permissions groups:
Manage billing: Users with this permission can edit billing details, change payment methods and upgrade subscription plans.
Manage team: Users with this permission can invite new team members and edit existing ones.
Manage API keys: Users with this permission can create and delete API keys in Account Settings.

Add new custom role

All existing users are assigned to the Master User role with all permissions enabled. You can create new Custom Roles in the Team> Roles section and give them to existing users. It is also possible to assign specific roles to users when sending out invites.

Assign role when inviting new team member

Internal updates

Release 2.152.0 introduces internal updates, refactoring, and code improvements that are not directly visible to end-user.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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