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Release Notes 2.171.0 (22.05.2024)


Improved Editor view

With this release, we are introducing two new updates to the editor.

The first update adds the "Data Fields" list to the sidebar and allows users to drag data fields directly to the page. Depending on the data field data type, a specific component is added. For example, a string adds a Text component, but a date adds a Text component with Date formatting. A list adds a Table and automatically creates columns.

Drag Data Fields to page

The second update brings you a new Data View. This view now displays the entire data set, allowing you to see the bigger picture and make informed decisions. Previously, only the "data structure" with available fields was shown, limiting your view.

Improved Data View

Checkout flow in Customer Portal

We have improved the Checkout flow in the Customer Portal, which gives a better overview of the Subscription and payment details before confirming your subscription. This will reduce any unintentional or accidental upgrades.

Bug fixes

Fixed Text component System Text formatting.

Internal updates

Release 2.171.0 introduces internal updates, refactoring, and code improvements that are not directly visible to end-users.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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