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Release Notes 2.38.0 (02.05.2019)


Radio & Checkbox components

We have added two new components to help you design better-looking documents. You can use static value, data field (e.g {dataField}) or expression (e.g {% {dataField} === 'myValue' %}) as the components value. If the value evaluates as "true" the checkbox or radio input will be checked.

Checkbox and radio components

Editable PDF fields

It is now possible to render Text, Radio and Checkbox components as editable fields in PDF, for this you need to check "Render as an editable Field" in the component's sidebar.

Editable PDF fields

Vertical-align for Table Column

It is now possible to specify the vertical-align (top, middle, bottom) to Table component columns. By default, the header row has bottom align, and other rows have top align.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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