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Release Notes 2.59.0 (27.01.2021)


New expression function substr

We have introduced a new functions for expression language which returns the portion of string specified by the offset and length parameters.

substr ( string $string , int $offset , int|null $length = null )

{% substr("This is test", 0, 2) %} // Result: Th
{% substr("This is test", 1, 2) %} // Result: hi
{% substr("This is test", -2) %} // Result: st

Improved performance for multi-template generation

We have improved the document generation performance for out multi-template endpoint and we can now serve 7 times more concurrent requests than before.


Fixed font loading in editor
Fixed table cell background color assignment
Fixed static table height calculation
Fixed reCaptcha validation issues on Reset Password page

Updated on: 27/01/2021

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