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Release Notes 2.48.0 (12.08.2020)


Ability to rotate your API keys

To provide more security and control over your API integration we have introduced an option to issue new API key and secret and invalidate old key-pairs. The current API keys are valid until you manually revoke them. You can access your API keys from Account Settings menu item.

New API management view

Expression language

New function str_replace

We have added additional function for expression language to replace values in strings
{% str_replace([string: search], [string: replace], [string: the original string]) %}

You can find more information and examples from our support page here.

Ability to reference out of the scope values in iterate, map and filter

It is now possible to reference additional data fields in iterate, map and filter functions that are not in the scope of the array item.

Sample JSON
{"values": {"min_price": 20}, "line_items": [{"name": "Test 1", "price": 10}, {"name": "Test 2", "price": 20}, {"name": "Test 3", "price": 30}]}

{% filter({line_items}, "price > reference.min_price, {values}) %}

[{"name": "Test 3", "price": 30}]}

New Font

We have added new font OCR B10. OCR fonts use simple, thick strokes to form recognizable characters which are easily recognized by computers.

Bug fixes

Fixed numeric data field issue in Expression Language
Fixed HTML content height calculation
Fixed the Table layout for Automatic table
Fixed Undo logic to reflect only state changes with updates

Updated on: 13/10/2020

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